Professional Training to Assist Student Athletes

Therapeutic Approaches to Counseling Student Athletes was initially created to help mental health clinicians expand the scope of their practice by offering practical tips and guidance to more effectively assist student athletes.  Since the course was launched, countless mental health workers have completed the training and provided positive feedback relating to the many ways the training can be used, from helping with common stressors relating to on-field performance to the anxieties many athletes experience at the ends of their careers.

As we continue to receive feedback about the course, increasingly more helping professionals, including teachers, coaches, school administrators, and others have expressed similar praise about how learning about the unique identity and lifestyles of student athletes has helped them more effectively teach, mentor, and help student athletes succeed.  If you are in a helping profession and looking to expand your knowledge base applied to helping student athletes, please check out Therapeutic Approaches to Counseling Student Athletes.  Also, in addition to the content you will learn, the course could qualify for continuing education credits depending on your specific profession and CE requirements.

This course includes video training modules, 2 accompanying books, a test for content mastery, and a certificate of completion to use for verifying continuing education credits.

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