Sport Success 360 Online Sports Leadership Coach Certification Course Released!

The Sport Success 360 online coach training course is now live, and is designed to conveniently help youth sports coaches learn and respond to a variety of on and off-field psychosocial issues and concerns.  The course was designed using the Sport Success 360 sports leadership curriculum, and will help coaches prepare for a variety of issues they are likely to face, including youth sport burnout, playing time, role modeling, performance supplements, hazing, playing time, controlling emotions, communicating with parents, travel leagues, plus much more!

Advantages of Sport Success 360 Coach Education Certification Course:

  • A comprehensive training course that uses a unique psychosocial approach to help build positive interpersonal relationships with kids, parents, and coaches.
  • Easy to understand tips, insights, warnings, and advice — practical training coaches can use every day for on and off-field success
  • Unlike other training courses that are time-intensive and cost-prohibitive, Sport Success 360 can be completed in less time and at an affordable price.
  • Leagues can have their entire coaching staff certified easily from the comfort of their homes.
  • Can be used as a great compliment to league background checks on coaches.
  • Sport Success 360 training course also includes a free download to Sport Success 360 (the book), as well as Sport Success 360 Plus (the advanced audio program).  This means that coaches will be able to reference the educational material not only at the beginning of the season, but throughout their entire coaching career.
  • Reduces league exposure and may qualify for league insurance discounts

As youth sports leagues continue to face new and emerging trends, it is important to equip coaches with the skills and knowledge needed to appropriately handle negative and dangerous situations.  Sport Success 360 allows entire leagues to develop a healthy and positive sports culture — leading to healthy and positive experiences for kids.

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