Welcome Parents of Student Athletes

For Parents Youth sports are very different today than they were just a generation ago, as more kids than ever are involved in serious travel leagues and often train year-round in an effort to maximize their athletic abilities. As a result of this high intensity, increasingly more kids need adult guidance when it comes to avoiding youth sport burnout, deciding whether to specialize in one sport only, or learning basic sport science skills that can help them overcome anxiety and play to their full athletic potential.

Our line of parent education programs are designed to help you:

  • Help your child learn important athletic transferable skills through sport participation
  • Learn skills to develop strong and healthy relationships with coaches
  • Help your child improve his or her mental toughness by learning basic sport performance science skills
  • Quickly identify and respond to problems kids face in youth sports, including burnout, injuries, slumps, and quitting
  • Understand the realities of “making it” in sports, and develop future plans in the best interest for your family


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Joe Heskett

“Consistently performing at your best is a mental challenge and there is no one better in the mental game then Dr. Chris Stankovich. He understands the power of mind and is a master at providing the tools we need to have as athletes seeking top performance. Dr. Stankovich differentiates himself because of his passion and innovation. He strives for the betterment of people and that is such a refreshing quality. I am impressed with his genuine approach, knowledge and creativity to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Joe Heskett
Former NCAA Wrestling Champion, U.S. World Team Member, and
4-time All American, Iowa State University
Current Head Wrestling Coach at Army



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