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On The Couch: Inside The Head of American Sports

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Learn sport psychology training skills designed to maximize athletic performance.

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Develop leadership strategies to enhance team performance while minimizing stress and pressure.

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Guide your kids successfully through sports by helping them excel on and off the field.

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Peak performance programming designed to help athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators learn, identify, and successfully respond to contemporary and traditional sports issues.

  • Athlete performance training
  • Parent community forums
  • Coach education and development
  • Athletic crisis & response
  • Drug & alcohol assessment
  • Life success programs
  • Professional counseling & consulting
  • Sport Success 360

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Therapeutic Approaches to Counseling Student Athletes

A unique continuing education/graduate course designed for mental health professionals, educators, and coaches.

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Meet Dr. Stankovich

Dr. Stankovich is a licensed professional athletic counselor and professor of sport psychology/sociology, and is known as “The Sports Doc” for his media appearances with NBC4i, Ohio News Network (ONN), Columbus Parent magazine, and 95.5FM The Game. Dr. Stankovich has been regularly featured for his work in sport performance science on ESPN Outside the Lines, USA Today, ABC World News, and the American Psychological Association Monitor.

The Sports Doc Chalk Talk

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    On The Couch: Inside The Head of American Sports

    By The Sports Doc, Dr. Chris Stankovich

    On The Couch: Inside The Head of American Sports, featuring the The Sports Doc (Sport psychology professor Dr. Chris Stankovich) and Scotty Boombox (American sports fan, father and youth coach Scott Shelton), examine, discuss, and critique today’s off-the-field issues in sports. Tune in for clinical insights, key tips & strategies, and lots of laughs as The Sports Doc and Scotty Boombox offer their psychoanalysis of American sports in the 21st century!

    “Dr. Stankovich is a well-respected, leading national authority in sport psychology and has helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential. His programs are very easy to learn and can be implemented for immediate on-field success. You don’t have to have “psychological problems” to see the results from his mental training techniques. I highly recommend these products for all athletes, all ages and all skill levels!”

    Paul O’Neill, Former New York Yankee great and 5-time World Series Champion

    “Chris has done great work in the field of performance especially meeting the needs of parents. His youth/parent sport products are a must for all parents and youth coaches.”

    Bob Tewksbury, Major League Baseball All-Star Pitcher and Sports Psychology consultant for the Boston Red Sox


    “Chris Stankovich PhD is a sports counselor from Columbus, Ohio, who brings a fresh perspective about how to empower young people not only in their sports endeavors but in their lives. A positive approach consistent with the best in empathic therapy.”

    Peter R. Breggin, M.D., Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology Renowned Professor and Author

    “Dr. Stankovich has proven over and over again the success one can attain by balancing the mental and physical components of sport. His human performance systems exhibit an effective and clear path to reaching the goals each individual or groups set out to accomplish. With so much competitiveness in sports and society in general, Dr. Stankovich can help give you the advantage you need.”

    Jim Tressel, Former Ohio State University Head Football Coach

    “Consistently performing at your best is a mental challenge and there is no one better in the mental game then Dr. Chris Stankovich. He understands the power of mind and is a master at providing the tools we need to have as athletes seeking top performance. Dr. Stankovich differentiates himself because of his passion and innovation. He strives for the betterment of people and that is such a refreshing quality. I am impressed with his genuine approach, knowledge and creativity to make a difference in the lives of others.”

    Joe Heskett, Former NCAA Wrestling Champion, U.S. World Team Member, and 4-time All American, Iowa State University Current Head Wrestling Coach at Army