The Mental Toughness Guide to Athletic Success


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Category: Sports & Outdoors

Published: Nov 04, 2012

Print Length: 52 Pages

Version: 1.0

Language: English

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The Mental Toughness Guide has been designed to help athletes of all ages and skill levels learn the basics of sport psychology mental training. By breaking down complex sport psychology training into simple, straightforward topics, the Mental Toughness Guide is able to assist every type of athlete that is trying to improve their game.

In the included 18 quick videos, the author speaks directly to the reader to clarify complex ideas. Both athletes and coaches are encouraged to use this guide as a quick reference for mental strength training or as an inclusive, ongoing resource. In years past only professional and Olympic-level athletes were taught mental training skills to maximize their athletic potential, but today athletes of all ages and skill levels are using these skills.

The goal of this book is to help your mind and body work in synchronicity, increase your confidence level, prepare you to perform under pressure, and ultimately help you reach your full athletic potential in sports!