Mental Toughness for Pool Success

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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich

Format: Digital Download

Length: 52 min

Copyright 2011 Advanced Human Performance Systems

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Pool may be as “mental” of a game as there ever was, as players regularly depend on self-confidence, focus, and concentration in order to help with overcoming nerves and making big shots in tournament play. Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Pool Success DVD will immediately help you play at your highest level – especially in clutch situations.

Mind of Steel for Pool Success DVD will teach you:

  • How to develop an approach to pool that will allow you to reach your full potential
  • How to use proven sport psychology mental training skills to increase self-confidence, focus, concentration, and resiliency
  • How to reduce anxiety and “choking” so that you can play with the best
  • Specific pre-tournament and pre-shot routines that will help you get “in the zone” and sharpen your focus
  • Plus much more!