Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness Development for Athletes



Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich

Format: 4 mp3 files

Length: 1 hour, 41 minutes

Size of File: 12.1 MB

Copyright 2008 Advanced Human Performance Systems

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Mind of Steel high-performance products, sold exclusively here, are designed for athletes who want to reach their FULL athletic potential.  Learn how to immediately improve self-confidence, focus, composure, and concentration while at the same time minimizing negative stress, adversity, insecurities, and choking. Take YOUR game to the next level with the same professional skills training commonly used by professional and elite-level athletes.

  • Mind of Steel #1:  Motivation, Confidence and Performance, Goal Setting, Journaling, Focus, and Getting in “The Zone”.
  • Mind of Steel #2:  Imagery, Bouncing Back from Adversity, Superstitions, Playing Time Tips, and Team Leadership Strategies.
  • Mind of Steel #3:  Athletic Transferable Skills, Mood State, Attitude & Athletic Performance, Pre-Game Routines, Pre-Play Routines, and Avoiding Athletic Burnout
  • Mind of Steel #4:  Self-Talk, Cue words, Overcoming Choking, The 3 Components to Peak Performance, Developing a College Portfolio, and Playing to Win vs Playing to Avoid Losing.