Optimal Balance



Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich

Format: DVD (mailed hard copy)

Copyright 2012 Advanced Human Performance Systems




Optimal Balance for life success!

Life happiness, health, and peak productivity doesn’t happen by chance, and it doesn’t happen by simply wishing things could be better. Instead, people who are happy, healthy, and productive have learned about the importance of getting in touch with their unique personal values; living a life that is balanced between work, family, and other exciting life experiences; and developing the resiliency skills needed to effectively identify and cope with the inevitable life stressors that we all face.

Optimal Balance is both a theory and set of applied techniques designed to help you reach your full human potential. Dr. Chris Stankovich has dedicated his career toward better understanding the key variables most closely linked to human happiness, emotional health, and peak productivity, resulting in an easy-to-understand program that will help you immediately see positive improvement in the overall quality of your life.
This video will help you:

  • Learn about how you can become a more fully functioning, happier, and productive person
  • Understand the relationship between life balance, stress identification, and healthy coping
  • Examine the importance of your unique values, and how they can be used as a catalyst to help you improve your emotional wellness and productivity
  • Appraise the different types of stress people commonly experience, as well as the most effective and healthiest ways to cope with stress
  • Learn how personal control and life changes directly impact stress, in both healthy and unhealthy ways
  • Develop rational and effective perception and cognitive appraisals, leading to maximum human productivity
  • Develop your own Optimal Balance roadmap that best meets your personal values, interests, and purpose in life
  • Plus much more!




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