Parent’s Video Playbook

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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich

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Help your kids reach their full athletic potential!

As youth and interscholastic sports continue to evolve, parents are faced with many new issues, challenges, and questions that can have a dramatic effect on their child’s athletic experience. By learning about both contemporary and traditional issues commonly experienced in youth sports, parents can help their kids maximize the athletic experience and use it as a vehicle for future life success. All parents want their child enjoy and benefit from sports, but many haven’t been able to find the key information needed to ensure a positive experience occurs – until now!
Dr. Chris Stankovich has over 20 years of experience in athletic counseling and sport science education, and has developed his findings into a professionally designed video that discusses many of today’s important issues, including sport specialization, travel leagues, sports burnout, performance supplements, sports anxiety, playing time, mental toughness, sport retirement, plus much more.

This video will help you:

  • Help your child have fun while playing his best
  • Understand the challenges between sport talent and interest
  • Set specific target goals with your child to help with sport success
  • Teach sport skill acquisition based on healthy positive reinforcement
  • Set up a journaling system that allows your child to see her athletic development grow
  • Improve and sharpen your child’s sports focus
  • Engage in healthy and facilitative relationships with your child’s coach
  • Galvanize your child’s resiliency and ability to bounce back from adversity
  • Identify and respond to sports burnout
  • Successfully transition from sports when dealing with retirement