Tough Topics DVD



Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich

Format: DVD (mailed hard copy)

Length: 67 min. (2 DVDs)

Copyright 2012 Advanced Human Performance Systems




Tought Topics, Practical Solutions: Tips for Creating Safe & Healthy Relationships in Sports

Tough Topics, Practical Solutions by Dr. Chris Stankovich has been created to assist coaches, athletic directors, youth sport directors, and other athletic personnel provide safe experiences for kids involved in youth and interscholastic sports.

DVD 1: Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Student Athletes is designed to help coaches develop healthy and safe relationships with kids, while guarding against “dual relationships” or other interpersonal interactions that might be perceived as inappropriate, unhealthy, or illegal (including sexual relationships).

DVD 2: Preventing Sports Hazing is designed to help coaches prevent, as well as respond to, harmful athletic hazing rituals that often lead to physical and emotional trauma and injuries, and sometimes even death.

Both professionally designed educational programs are designed to help:

  • Protect kids from potential physical and emotional harm experienced from inappropriate and illegal adult-child relationships and hazing practices
  • Train coaches with the latest psychosocial continuing education designed to help with coaching success – on and off the field
  • Protect schools and leagues by adding an educational training component to criminal background checks that are becoming more commonly used when screening new coaches
  • Reduce legal exposure for youth sport leagues and schools by providing professional training to coaches about the grave dangers pertaining to inappropriate relationships and illegal hazing practices
  • Most importantly – help provide kids a safe, fun, and meaningful athletic experience!