Wrestling Your Best

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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich

Format: Digital Download

Length: 30 min.

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Wrestling Your Best: Developing a Mind of Steel for Mental Toughness DVD

Wrestle to WIN with confidence and mental toughness!

Did you know that many of the problems wrestlers experience in matches are due to mental breakdowns and mistakes, not physical breakdowns? When wrestlers struggle with confidence, focus, concentration, nerves, and bouncing back from adversity, these are all aspects of mental toughness. This is where Wrestling Your Best can help.

Dr. Stankovich’s new DVD for wrestlers will help you reach your full wrestling potential by teaching you:

  • How to increase self-confidence and develop a winning focus
  • How to set effective goals that will lead to maximum wrestling development
  • How to develop a personal pre-match routine to maximize mind-body synchrony needed for superior muscle memory
  • How to stay calm, especially in pressure situations
  • How to minimize “choking” and quickly bounce back after losses
  • Plus much more!