3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask the Coach

With summer sports just about to start, there are a number of things sports parents should be thinking about so that the sport experience is a positive one for their son or daughter (Sport Success 360).  In an ideal situation, youth sports should be fun, safe, and meaningful – but these outcomes do not occur simply by chance.  Instead, young athletes gain the most from youth sports when parents and coaches are equally engaged in the process, something that only comes about through positive efforts made by both parties.

In attempt to get your wheels turning for important questions to go over with the coach, I came up with 3 sports questions that every sports parent should consider asking the coach:

1. Summer sports schedule. It is important that you clarify your child’s sports schedule this summer, including time, travel, and money considerations.  How far will you be expected to travel?  How much money out-of-pocket will you be responsible for in addition to league fees?  What consequences might your child face if he or she has to miss practices and games because of things like family vacations?  It is important to discuss these issues early and often, if possible.

2. Playing time. This is always a touchy subject, so be sure to talk to your child’s coach about how he or she feels about discussing playing time.  Some coaches are very open about these discussions, while others have a zero-communication policy when it comes to playing time.  Since this is the #1 concern of most sports parents, it is important to find out where your child’s coach stands when it comes to playing time.

3. Additional ways your child can help the team. One nice touch that can help build strong relationships with the coach is to discuss the ways in which your child can help the team.  Does the coach want your child to be a strong team leader/captain?  If so, what specific things can your child do in order to set good examples?  By learning about the coach and his or her philosophies, your child can learn the importance of the little things that often lead to better team chemistry, cohesion, and success!


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