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Christopher Stankovich, Ph.D., PCC, (Founder of Advanced Human Performance Systems) offers sport-performance services based on research and applications borrowing from several inter-related fields of scientific study, including sport psychology, sport sociology, sport philosophy & ethics, physical education, kinesiology, health and nutrition, and various additional related sport sciences.

Sport Performance Science encompasses holistic training and is not limited to mental and emotional “problems” athletes often experience. Instead, this contemporary, psychosocial approach to sport performance involves macro training designed at improving team/school/organization culture, as well as individual training needs including athletic performance and off-field personal issues and concerns. A strong emphasis on life skills is present throughout all training programs and counseling relationships, with a special focus on the value and direct integration of athletic transferable skills.

All Advanced Human Performance Systems programming, including training seminars, professional consultation, and individual counseling, have been developed using The Optimal Performance System in Sports (TOPSS), a comprehensive model of athletic development previously featured in USA Today and The Journal of Academic Athletic Advisors. TOPSS, developed by Dr. Stankovich, consists of 4 inter-related, holistic dimensions of training:

  • Peak athletic development training
  • Life skills development
  • Psychosocial assistance
  • Career development

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